This is an unofficial Python wrapper for the Cryptowatch public Data API. Cryptowatch is a cryptocurrency charting and trading platform owned by Kraken exchange.

Source code

Quick Start

from cryptowatch.api_client import Client
client = Client()

# get assets
assets = client.get_assets()

# get markets which have btc as base or quote
assets_btc = client.get_assets('btc')

Returns a market's OHLC candlestick data.
This represents a 1-hour candle starting at 1594087200 (Tuesday,
7 July 2020 02:00:00 GMT) and ending at 1602179348 (Thursday,
8 October 2020 17:49:08 GMT).

data = {
    'exchange': 'gdax',
    'pair': 'btcusd',
    'route': 'ohlc',
    'params': {
        'before': 1602179348,
        'after': 1594087200,
        'periods': '3600'}

market = client.get_markets(data=data)

For more check out the documentation.

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